Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa's Village (Part 1)

This is my start on Santa's House, which is part of the Santa's Village BOM by Country Cottage Needleworks. 

Santa's Village BOM #1

I am enjoying working on some needlework again.  I am using 28ct. Irish tea-dyed linen and Sullivan's floss.  The house is done in Week's floss. I decided to stitch each block separately and I am pondering a quilt or a new tress skirt.  We will see as we go...

In some sewing news, I have been working on some clothes for my girls, doll clothes, and fun christmas presents. I hope to be able to share soon.  
Right now I am in the middle of Christmas Musical week at Church, late nights, long rehearsals, and work on top. I just hope I survive at this point. Wish me luck.... 

What are you all working on right now?

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