Monday, May 24, 2010

Topsy Turvey Me

Well I am super excited to share pictures of Julia's Dedication gown.
We won't discuss that I started it somewhere around Midnight and finished at almost 6am. Julia got to wear it at 9:30am....but I was thankful for an easy pattern, and a calm confidence that must have come only from god.

I have also been working on Megan's "big sis quilt' Topsy Turvy Turtles by Kariepatch designs.
So far, I have the butterfly antenna's and the rest of the sashing borders to add to the blocks. I'm using batiks mainly from my fabric stash. so far I have counted 89 different batiks and then the white on white fabric for my background. This picture really doesn't do these blocks much justice. I can't wait to start sewing these into rows.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Welcome to my blog :-) ! I decided to start writing my own blog to share all my works in progress as well as to help hold myself accountable to finishing some of my UFO's (Unfinished Objects). My most exciting news is that my husband and I recently turned our two car garage into a multipurpose family room. I have my own sewing studio now and he has room to work on his radio control cars. We did this in preparation for the birth of our second daughter this past March. I have finally moved everything into my new space, and can gratefully say that it is how I like. But you know with all good things, it will need some tweaking as I go. I will post pictures soon, but it is wonderful to be able to leave my sewing machines up, instead of packing them away all the time. Well, I promise to get pictures up soon. I am currently working on a Topsy Turvy Turtle quilt by Kariepatch designs for my daughter Megan, and a christening dress for Julia's dedication on Mother's day. Pictures to come! Blessings and Enjoy your day!