Sunday, October 28, 2012

Recent Revelations!

Contrary to popular belief I am still around and thoroughly enjoying sewing a crafting as much as I can. I started a new BOM at my LQS that I love. I will have pics of this to come soon.  I have worked on my beautiful rainbow baby jane, and started hand quilting a baby quilt for my cousin with Perle cotton. I will definitely be sharing these two projects in the near future.In my personal life:  The last couple of months have been strange. I have been sick with pneumonia, and schooling my 5 year old in kindergarten (yes I also work full-time, crazy yes! but so worth while!).

I also came to the realization that I need to change jobs. This has been a hard decision for me. I have been with my current job for almost 9 years, and even though I love the folks I get to work with, I DO NOT love the company anymore. Some changes are occurring and the stress is more than any 10 people should handle. So I have been job searching which is no easy task in this economy. I am not sure if I want to stay in my field, but I do know that a change would be scary but good for me right now. Do you ever have on of those moments of revelation that just kinda slap ya in the face???

 Well, they have not just been in my personal life, I have even had revelations in my sewing life too. This little block was a tough one. It belongs to my rainbow baby Jane quilt that I started hand piecing back in July. I started working on it so energized, it was my first triangle block, and then I quickly hit a wall. None of the pieces seemed to make sense, they wanted to move around on me, I just could not seem to get this one right. I was contemplating having to machine piece the triangular blocks, (oh! I really did not want to do that, but this one was throwing me for a loop!)

So, I put the whole project away for a few weeks, I got so frustrated with myself that I could not even stand to think of the project.  Then my wonderful pinterest friends started posting new blocks and rows of their rainbow Baby Jane quilts , and the bug returned. I think I might blame some of it on the fight with pneumonia I was having this week and I wanted to feel that I accomplished something.... 

So i looked at it, slapped myself on the head, not too hard I promise, and screamed BASTING STITCHES! (Yes, I did concern my husband with the scream, but he already thinks I have lost it by hand piecing these little blocks!) So if you look closely in the photo a few my basting stitches are still there...and I got the block completed!
Do the happy dance! Then that led to these two beauties. 
A-7Please do not adjust your computers for this block. The melons are two different sizes. I am so tempted to redo this block, but at the moment I am going to leave it and try to take Brenda's stance that Done is better than perfect! It is also a block I completed while battling pneumonia this week. We may call it the pneumonia, drug affected block.

And I finish with some current quilt look.
I am really proud of it and I enjoy piecing these blocks, even if I do seem crazy.  
So have any of you had revelations recently? What have projects have you been working on? I would love to hear from you all! I will share more real soon....after good ole pneumonia goes away!