Saturday, July 24, 2010

Man is it Hot!

Well unfortunately my past two weeks have been a bit on the dry side for sewing and quilting. it has been too hot, and since my husband and I remodeled our garage to be the multipurpose room, I have not been able to get out there and sew as there is no air conditioning yet. I am hoping to get caught up on my Crazymomquilts quiltalong, and start my freckled whimsy quiltalong. Maybe tonight.... cross your fingers maybe pictures will be up tomorrow! By the way did I mention that 100+ is way too hot for me....

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Okay so I am a slogger!

Happy Fourth of July Weekend everyone!

I know that I have been a slogger (slacking blogger) as my friends like to call them. I have been ill with a respiratory infection, and unfortunately unable to take meds since I am nursing my youngest daughter. Oh well, hopefully I can really kick it on this three day weekend.

Today was a wonderful day in that it was not 100 degrees and I was able to get some sewing done. I finished my quilt along with crazymomquilts for week #4.

So far I am loving all the colors and believe it or not my block ended up being 20 1/2 inches wide! YAY! I did it. I feel like I should get a ribbon or something :-)

I also got some more sashing done on my oldest daughter, Megan's Topsy Turvy Quilt by Kariepatch designs. I have two more sides of sashing left to sew before I can sew the rows together. There are 77 blocks in this quilt (70 for the quilt, and 7 for the matching valance). So far I have 90 different fabrics in this quilt, 89 of them are batiks. I hope it turns out as beautiful as I am imagining it. I will have more pictures to come when I have the sashing completely sewn on.

I also last weekend was able to start my Baby Jane, It is a rainbow Batik baby Jane and I am doing it as a BOM with Twiddletails. So far I have A1 and A2 complete.

A2 is a little rough around the edges, but I will keep it this way and call it a learning block!

Also this week I came across a strange inspiration...
These colorful onesies of Julia's and this eggplant quilt I found on flicker, what do you think a log cabin as shown or a spiderweb quilt? All my friends will tease me, because I do love me some purple. Hmmm thoughts to ponder....

I hope to get some more sewing done this weekend, but I better get the rest of the laundry done as well. Blessings to all of you who are traveling, and God Bless America! Enjoy the long weekend.