Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Are you pinterested?

So are you?
I am definitely pinterested! I love all the ideas, the creativity, what girl would not love to look and dream of things that may or may not come into being! If you haven't checked it out yet here are a few things I enjoy from my pinterest boards!

From Cluck Cluck Sew

 From Home Sweet Hideaway


And that is just a tidbit....if you have not checked it out yet; here is a little warning....

It's Highly Addictive!!

Check it out, let me know how you like to pinterest!



  1. i use pinterest quite a bit, but i always find myself pinning more recipes than anything else. i also like to get decoration ideas, too. so much so that my husband asked me once, "how much is pinterest costing me?" but i like to think of it more like, "how much weight is pinterest causing me to gain?" :)

  2. Kelly, LOL my husband just keeps asking me, what are you looking at? He has not figured it out yet :-)

  3. I am loving the pinterest. It is addicting. Hopefully I can use it for inspiration and make some things.

    1. Amy, I am addicted as well. I have found some great ideas on there not only for me personally, but to make for work as well :-)

  4. Oh! I love the quilt!! I'm on Pinterest too. How do I find you?

    1. Adrianne,
      I am under Angela Simons Ingram. If you cannot find me I will try to find you. :-)