Friday, May 27, 2011

Do you remember these?

Do you remember these?
stack of diamonds

Well add these...
Indigo Diamonds

And you get these beauties...
Lone Star Points

Put them together and you get this wonderful thing..
Center of the Lonestar
The center for my Lone Star quilt "Over the Border" from the Material Obsession 2 book. I only have eight more of these to piece. I replaced the brown from the book with the Indigo. It is made all of batiks from my stash :-)...My 3 year old helped me place the colors. I love the way she was care free about the color placement. I would have been so rigid with it. Now all I have to do is sew 8 more of these star points and figure out the background fabric and  the border fabric...these are giving me a hard time. I think I will head to one of my favorite LQS tomorrow to try and find them. Wish me luck!

I have to admit I was a bit intimidated by this quilt, so I decided not to hand piece it like I had originally thought about doing, and I did a little online research.  I found this great video series here (just search Lone Star Quilt)! I really love the idea of basting the strips together and checking your points so you can correct errors if need be.  So after watching that last night, I got this accomplished today! :-) So far I love to just find the borders. I hope maybe to have the center of the quilt finished before I have to return to work on Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed! 
Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!

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